As an American, it’s easy to grow so comfortable with our situation that we often forget that it could be improved from time to time. One perfect example of this lies in our food and just how unhealthy it really can be for us.

Have you ever really considered what you eat? And even if you’re a health-conscious person using supplements and paying attention to your diet, have you ever thought about just how sad the state of food in the US can really be? Let’s look at a few stats that may open your eyes here.

  • One out of every four people eat some kind of fast food every day
  • The average American eats nearly one ton of food every year
  • 52% of Americans feel that doing taxes is easier than eating healthy
  • 20% of all meals in the US are eaten in the car
  • Americans eat 31% packaged, processed food than they do fresh food
  • Pesticides are routinely found not only in vegetables and fruits, but meat and dairy products as well
  • 90% of chemicals applied to foods haven’t been tested for long-term health consequences
  • Only 1% of foods are tested for pesticide residue
  • More than 600 active chemicals are currently registered for use in agriculture in the nation

What does all of that mean, exactly? That changing the way you look at food is the first step towards changing the way you eat – and as a result, changing your overall health and wellbeing in the process.

What can you do to start going down the path to better overall health and wellbeing? Here are some tips to get you going.

  • Focus on buying fresh foods instead of prepackaged, processed options
  • Avoid fast food as much as you can.
  • Switch to healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and similar options instead of chips or sweets
  • Try to buy organic or non-GMO labeled foods wherever you can.
  • Add a supplement with plenty of organic goodness. Things like Superfood Reds with Greens is a perfect choice here and can help boost your wellbeing in a big way

These are the foundations to changing the way you look at food. By watching the labeling and focusing on healthy eating and using a supplement to complete your dietary needs, you can move away from the terrible food options that so many Americans use daily and start building a healthier plan for your future.