Why Going GMO Free Makes Sense

Why Going GMO Free Makes Sense

Your health and the health of your family likely matter a great deal to you – and they should. Taking steps to improve the overall health and safety of you and your family is very important. And one thing that is well worth doing to help with this is to work on avoiding GMOs as much as possible.

Genetically Modified Organisms – GMOs for short – are a big topic these days, and one of the largest controversies out there. But what does it mean to you, exactly?

According to some of the latest studies, there are a lot of different things that you should be aware of where GMOs are concerned. Consider some of the following.

  • 91% of the soy produced in the US is GMO, as is 85% of the corn.
  • Unless a package is certified organic or labeled as Non-GMO, it likely contains some GMO ingredients.
  • 90% of Americans think foods containing GMOs should be labeled

Those numbers illustrate the rising issue of GMOs in the American food supply, but what does it all mean to your health and wellness? The short answer is – we’re not entirely sure yet. Why? Because studies are still being done into the overall effects of genetically modified organisms in our diet. But some studies have been quite frightening:

  • A study in Italy found GM soybeans damaged the liver cells in older mice
  • The same study found that GM corn led to minute changes in the animal’s tissues
  • A test in Quebec found traces of insecticide in the blood of 93% of pregnant women tested
  • The same study found traces of insecticide in the umbilical cord blood of 80% of the women in the test

In other words, while studies are ongoing, the early evidence suggests that there is no good reason to risk putting yourself at further risk due to eating GMOs. The simple solution is to start looking into a non-GMO, all organic diet coupled with the use of good supplements like Daily Boost. In doing so, you help yourself avoid the various risks of contamination from GM organisms as well as various chemicals, boosting your overall wellbeing and health levels in the process.

It can take extra work and effort to build a diet made up of entirely GMO free foods, but that work is well worth it when you consider the payoff- a healthier, safer diet for you and those you love.

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  • Franklin VanOs