Why We Need Superfoods In Our Diets

Why We Need Superfoods In Our Diets

You’ve probably been hearing a buzz about superfoods a lot lately. One moment it’s kale and the next moment it’s Greek yogurt. Superfoods are more than a trend, they actually are what their name suggests. They pack a healthy punch as they are more nutrient dense per ounce than other foods. The benefits to eating them are constantly being explored. Researchers and dietitians have found several ways superfoods benefit the body, so you want to make sure that you include them into your healthy diet. Here are the three most important reasons we need superfoods:

  • They Provide Antioxidants: Some superfoods contain high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect our bodies from cancer causing free radicals, support immune health, protect against heart problems, and guard against eye and memory problems. vitamin E, beta-carotene, and astaxanthin is a powerful combination that helps protect the skin from sign of premature aging and sunburns. Blueberries are an example of an antioxidant rich superfood.
  • They Are Bursting With Nutrients: Nutrients are essential to healthy body function but are often not produced by the body naturally. Eating superfoods containing large amounts of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. Helps to ensure that your body is getting everything it needs on a regular basis. There are tons of great superfoods like kale, blueberries, green tea, cranberries, and pomegranates that contain dense nutrition in every bite.
  • They Offer Tons Of Fiber: Fiber is crucial for digestive health. It regulates your bowel movements to inhibit constipation and lowers the risk of developing hemorrhoids. It helps to lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. Fiber rich foods help you feel full faster so that you eat less and have an easier time maintaining a healthy body weight. An example of a fiber rich superfood are split peas.

With all the pressures of modern life, it can be difficult to make sure that you get the power of superfoods from your diet. However, superfoods are vital to your overall health and well-being, so they need to be included in any healthy diet. A great way to ensure you are getting all the nutrients from superfoods is to take a superfoods supplement like Feel Great 365’s Superfoods Reds with Greens. It is loaded with the essential antioxidants, nutrients and fiber you need so you won’t have to miss out on all the benefits of healthy superfoods.

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