One of the biggest health risks American consumers face comes from our food supply. Between conventional farming methods that use toxic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, and the introduction of genetically-modified organism (GMOs), most of our food lacks the crucial nutritional values we need and put our health at risk with hazardous ingredients. Though we have passed organic labeling standards, we still have no passed GMO labeling legislation so it can be very difficult to know if you are buying GMO-free food. Without these labels, we may accidentally buy something we think is safe, but isn’t.

At Feel Great 365, we are committed to organic living and ensuring that you get a full range of nutrients, not just from our top of the line supplements but also from the food you eat. So here is our guide on how to avoid GMOs when shopping for your food:

  1. Look for GMO-free labels. Even though it is not required by law, socially conscious food manufacturers will label their GMO-free products.
  2. Buy food labeled 100% organic. 100% organic means that it wasn’t just processed without chemical agents, but it has not been genetically modified.
  3. Learn what foods are most likely to contain GMOs and be careful when purchasing them. Corn, dairy, and soy, for example, are all often GMO. So really be diligent when purchasing these foods.
  4. Look up the four-digit number of your produce online. This code, known as the PLU code, will tell you everything you need to know about the produce including whether or not it has been genetically modified.
  5. Shop at your local farmer’s market or cooperative. Small growers do not need to meet the heavy demands of the food industry, so they have no use for GMO produce. This is especially true for local organic farms who are trying to combat these larger industry giants.
  6. Get a GMO shopping app like Non-GMO Project. This app will help you in the store if you aren’t sure if the product you want to buy contains GMOs.

Many supplements can also contain GMOs, which can degrade their nutritional value. So beyond watching out for GMOs in your food chain, also make sure that they do not appear in your nutrition. At Feel Great 365, all of our products are organic and guaranteed to be GMO-free so you can trust that the nutrition you are receiving is complete. Follow these tips and check out our product line and you’ll avoid GMOs in your diet.