Why Probiotics Are Essential For Women’s Health

Why Probiotics Are Essential For Women’s Health

As a woman, it is important that we target our nutritional supplementation to the unique needs of the female body. One of the most beneficial supplements women can take are probiotics. Our bodies contain millions of tiny microbes. Some of these microbes can be harmful to our health and have been linked to both acute and chronic illnesses. To balance against these harmful microbes, we need beneficial flora, or healthy bacteria. Beneficial flora act as an extra layer of immunity, help us digest our food, and promote the absorption and production of essential vitamins. Probiotics are specifically important for women because they also fight against women’s digestive issues, promote healthy female flora, and support a healthy pregnancy.

Probiotics Fight Women’s Digestive Issues

Women are more prone than men to developing digestive issues like IBS, constipation, and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Daily probiotics supplementation can help by balancing the gastrointestinal flora and the acidity levels of the colon. Healthy bacteria and a positive pH balance help break down food naturally which leads to a reduction of the symptoms of digestive diseases.

Probiotics Promote Healthy Female Flora

Women often overlook their feminine health needs which can lead to a range of preventable illnesses. An unhealthy balance of bacteria in the uterus can lead to yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and bacterial vaginitis. Just like in the gastrointestinal tract, probiotics help maintain a healthy balance of beneficial flora and pH levels that can combat these illnesses. There is also research that shows that probiotics may help balance hormones like estrogen and progesterone which can lead to healthier menstrual cycles and pregnancies.

Probiotics Support Healthy Pregnancy

Probiotics can also help support a healthy pregnancy. Probiotics can support the mother’s health by reducing the common gastrointestinal problems women face during pregnancy like morning sickness and constipation, as well as promoting vitamin and mineral absorption. There is also research that shows probiotics can support baby’s health by reducing gestational diabetes mellitus and may help fetuses build a stronger immune system in the womb.

With all the benefits of probiotics, they are a great supplement for everyone. However, they are essential to supporting the health needs of the female body. Feel Great 365’s Super Probiotics provides the healthy bacteria that women specifically need like acidophilus and bifidobacterium to help support digestive, feminine, and pregnancy health.

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