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Every Single Day!

In our house we call it red drink! The morning elixir that cannot be missed. It is the first thing we do in the morning to start the day off right. I love the clean ingredients and the story of how the company came about. I had my last son at 45 and need to be healthy way into my Grandma years :)

This stuff works!

My husband and I have been using the Super Reds since 2017. He had terrible acid reflux and taking OTC meds by the handful without relief. This powder was life changing for him and is part of both of our regular routines. We find it gives us more energy, keeps us regular, and although we eat well, this adds vitamins and minerals that were definitely missing from our diet.

Thanks for some great stuff. Love it

what is the age limit of kids those can take this supplements

i want to know the age citeria

Amazing supplement

I am already feeling better, with fewer aches and pains. Lights out.

5 star ⭐️

Good Stuff!

I take enough pills to choke a horse. I was so happy to find these vitamins full of everything I needed being 70. And it tastes great!


Perfect product if you don’t like vegetables

Great taste

My kids like the taste.

Vitamin D3 Gummies
Mrs. Robin Vasquez DVM
Easy to take

Wonderful flavor, easy to take.

Usually good, just not this time

I've really enjoyed the Superfood Greens - Chocolate mix in the past . However, this last batch, Lot #79834B, is a real disappointment. Doesn't seem to be very chocolately or sweet and something else odd about the flavor. Maybe cut back on the cocoa and stevia and I'm guessing supply chain issues with the other ingredients.

I like them, however

My kids like them, hence I like them. My kids have been doing well since taking them, however I am on the fence with gummy vitamins in general. They are not so great for the teeth. I wish you guys would come out with either packets to dissolve in water/juice or a more chewable type vitamin.

Good Supplement

Good supplement.

Helps my vision

Tastes good and helped me read further down on eye chart. I will continue taking this.


Taking this made me feel a lot better. If you need more fruit and vegetables I suggest you try this.

They are both working well for what I needed

I like that it is made in capsule form so I don't have to drink it. Thank u

Vitamin D3 Gummies
Nicole Lucas

my son likes it.

Does what it describes to do

Helps me get more veggies and fruits in my diet. Taste is not pleasant, but it is tolerable

Kids Lutein Eye Care Gummies
Mr. Nicholas Wilkins

It taste good and it is easy to take. For me, I had some floaters and some glitches on my eye tests. Once I started taking them consistently the retina glitches have improved.

Grandsons love them

They work amazing for my grandsons who both have tummy troubles.

Kids Lutein Eye Care Gummies
Dr. Megan Dean DDS
Yummy flavor gummy with great texture

Love this gummy! Easy to chew, great texture and best of all, yummy flavor!

I've noticed an improvement in my vision.

I ordered these gummies in hopes that they would help to improve my vision in viewing things at a distance, that used to cause headaches when I struggled to see things. I've been taking them for nearly a month now, and I've noticed an improvement in my vision. I won't know until next month if they have helped enough for the eye doctor to tell it or not though. The taste is mango and delicious, without being overwhelmingly strong. They are super easy to chew, even without your teeth in (dentures). The recommended dosage is two daily, but I only take one a day, because in the past things have affected me differently than they did others at higher dosages. Therefore, I always try the lowest possible dosage first to see if I see improvement before moving on higher, if I have to. I haven't noticed any night vision improvement yet, but I intend to keep taking them, so maybe I will eventually see them help that too.


I love this stuff. I mix it into my coffee in the morning and a shake in the afternoon and it’s perfect. The texture is great and it tastes amazing.

Great product!

I have used for years and my ophthalmologist says my eyes are great…and I’m 77.

Perfect for people who won’t eat vegetables

These veggie pills are perfect for those who won’t eat veggies. They aren’t too big, they don’t really have a flavor, and most importantly, my daughter will swallow them without complaint! :)