The New Year is coming and it’s the perfect time to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Your resolutions are ready. Maybe you plan on saving more money or have committed to go to the gym more often, whatever your resolutions are, you’re set. However, lifestyle changes are important for the entire family and it’s a great idea to get your children in on the fun. So this year, make a resolution to not only lead a healthier life, but to inspire your children to do the same. Here are some great ways to help your children live healthier in the New Year:

1. Get Active

One of the biggest causes of the childhood obesity epidemic is the lack of exercise. So to get your kids off the couch and up and moving this year, plan some fun ways you can workout together as a family. If you’ve decided to join a gym, if they are older enough bring them along. Otherwise, think about fun things like doing a family run or bicycle ride a couple times a week or take a parent-child yoga class together.

2. Get Them Involved In Meal Planning

Nutritional health starts at a young age. Teaching your children about the importance of vitamins and nutrients will set them on the path for a long healthy life. Getting your kids involved in meal planning is a great way to introduce them to health nutrition and get them excited about eating healthy foods.

3. Inspire Them To Drink More Water

Beyond the health impacts of poor nutrition, children in America also suffer from dehydration. With all the sugary sodas and juices everywhere, kids just are not drinking enough water. So this year help your children drink more water. A clever idea is to get them their own water bottle. There are tons of fun water bottles made just for kids that come in bright colors and have their favorite cartoon characters.

4. Give Them A Daily Supplement

One of the best ways to help your children get all the nutrition they need is with a daily supplement. Feel Great 365’s Organic Superfoods for Kids Reds & Greens has all the nutrition they need to keep them strong, happy, and healthy in the New Year.

So this year, when putting together your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to include your children. If you work together as a family toward a healthier lifestyle, you’re all more likely to succeed. If you are looking for other great tips on how to be healthier in the New Year, grab our free book Give Me Nutrition or Give Me Death or check out our #dedicated365 blog.