As financial and social stress piles up during the holidays, people often start to feel run down and worn out. The festivities do not need to zap every last bit of energy, and sanity, from the mind and body however. People who treat themselves right during the holiday season definitely take back control over their wellbeing. Everything from eating right and exercising to getting enough sleep make a difference in how people feel. Here are five things that will keep everyone feeling healthy through the holidays, despite the stress.

Control Sugar Consumption

The holidays often bring an overload of sugar to the table. Thankfully, a little willpower goes a long way when trying to avoid these sweet treats. Focusing on how sweets cause blood sugar spikes and crashes that negatively affect the mind and body can recharge willpower levels, especially when the treats look too delicious just sitting there untouched.

People with insulin sensitivity issues can resist all of the sweet treats, including ones made with sugar substitutes, by focusing on how a healthy diet protects their health and prevents medical complications. Instead of noshing on sugary treats, festivalgoers can load up on protein and fiber rich foods to stay full and level during each party. After all, a full belly definitely makes it easier for everyone to avoid sugar-laced temptation.

Continue Exercise Routines

The urge to let exercise sessions fall to the wayside often overwhelms even the most disciplined of individuals. However, exercise keeps the body strong and functioning correctly, especially during times of stress or excess. With all of the holiday engagements, it may be necessary for people to work exercise routines into their workday or social hours.

Thankfully, it is possible to invite others out for a walk or bike ride to stay engaged while getting the heart pumping. Alternatively, people can break up their routine into high intensity, mini sessions that drive the heart rate up for ten minutes at a time.

Watch Blood Pressure Levels

Although most holiday visits are a nice break from the daily hustle, certain attendees can send blood pressure levels skyrocketing with their antics. Sustained high blood pressure can lead to health problems that affect the heart, arteries and other organs. People prone to high blood pressure normally need to be especially careful about watching for the warning signs.

Anyone who develops sudden dizziness, heart palpitations or headaches should take a breather and check for high blood pressure. People dealing with high stress levels should also check their blood pressure from time to time, even without experiencing any symptoms. A small wrist mounted blood pressure monitor makes it to duck away and check without calling attention to the problem.

Keep Alcohol Consumption Low

Having a few drinks with friends and family members gives people a chance to kick back, relax and enjoy the party. However, going overboard with alcohol consumptions amounts or drinking at every event can start to adversely affect the health. Alcoholism, in particular, tends to creep up on people who consume a few drinks to relieve stress or get some sleep.

People must make sure they are enjoying their drinks in moderation and in social settings to prevent habits from forming. After enjoying a few alcoholic beverages, it is smart to opt for some soda or juice to allow the body to recover from the drinks. Most events feature alternative drinks for designated drivers or those who just do not consume alcohol at all.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Excitement and stress can make it difficult to obtain a good night’s sleep during the holiday season. Sleeping deeply for several hours in a row allows the mind and body to recharge and ready itself for another busy day. People who do not sleep well or get less than the recommended eight hours a night may suffer from fatigue, drowsiness or irritability during the day. Sustained poor sleep habits can even lead to diabetes, heart disease and insomnia.

People can fight back against stress that keeps them awake by listening to audio books in bed or counting down from 1000. These distractions push worried thoughts out of the mind to allow people to get to sleep faster. People need to have causes of poor sleep quality investigated by their doctor to rule out health complications, like sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.

Staying Healthy

People can start with the above measures to protect their health while going to all of the scheduled events and parties throughout the holidays. If any problems arise, and cannot be solved with simple adjustments, it is wise to go into the doctor for an exam to rule out medical conditions. Paying close attention to health changes and stress levels can keep people healthy and happy enough to enjoy the festivities.